Another Shades of Life Conversation

That’s Kathy Jourdain and Jerry Nagel above. The three of us have been reconnecting much over the last six months. To be in learning. To be in friendship. To follow our creative noses together.

In this recording (43 minutes), Jerry kicked us off with some wonder about loss of institutional faith and what is both the local and the beyond local impact of such. Together we all followed our way to the importance of social connection to sustain healthy and creative well-being.

On the one hand, conversations like these can be a bit of a ramble. Sometimes true — there’s a style of wondering out loud that I appreciate.

On the other hand, conversations like these are demonstrating a really important, and simple, pattern for learning and living.

  • It is to have the courage to start anywhere.
  • It is to follow that start somewhere, or everywhere, as inspired.
  • It is to trust the relevance of the personal.
  • It is to pivot from the personal in the details to the universal in the principle.
  • And then to claim a bit of the learning and practice that comes from that.

Enjoy the listen as inspired. It’s a practice for me of being in company to connect the inner with the outer, the now with the longer arc.

Reach out to any of us if you too have interest in the specifics, or in this pattern of being curious together.

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