We Humans, Seek

I’m glad for this image of cattails from a weekend walk. I appreciate the beauty, the standing tall. I appreciate the mix among many other greens.

And then, in the spirit of appreciating beauty, both seeking it and welcoming it to continue to embrace, I reflected through a few words.

For simplicity and for inspiration of the stories that we humans live, and that live us.

We humans,
we seek joy.

Be it with friends,
or in endeavors of work,
or in evolution that is community.

That much I have learned.

We humans,
we seek learning.

Be it in the lettings go,
or in the lettings come,
or in the mysteries that live beneath it all.

That much I have learned.

We humans,
we seek contribution.

Be it in the small immediacies of now,
or in the long, slow-baked arcs,
or in the timeless ways that life unfolds.

That much I continue to learn.

On Being With Life

The photo above is earlier this summer near Lac Clermoustier, Quebec. It’s a road that I walked several times during the week that I was there. I was contemplating. I was appreciating friends and colleagues. And on this particular day, I was enjoying a rainbow.

From my contemplations, a most prominent theme that has arisen for me over the last couple of years is the way that humans both live life, and, are lived by life. We make plans, and, serendipity claims us. We give our attention to structure, and, emergence sweeps it all. I’ve seen it many times in many realms — personal, team, community.

In poetic form, it sounds something like this below, a reminder to myself to be with life and to be with life being with me. It names a code for living, which is so often what my poetic heart seeks.

For clarity.

Be With Life

Be with Life.
Be with Life being with us.

Let go the rest.
Let come the vibrant unfolding.

Celebrate all of it.
Keep the story big.
Keep the values clear enough.
Contribute steps small and big.
Love it all.

Brushed Together, Horizon & Silhouette

Sunrise Near Bluffdale, Utah, July 2023

I love the way
a horizon calls out yearning for what is distant
to live in present moment.

I love the way
a silhouette invokes imagination for what lives
in front of details.

I love the way
a sunrise brushes it all together.

Let us share stories of what we love.
Of horizons that wake us.
Of silhouettes that simplify.

Let us find brushing together.

A Poet’s Words of Wondering About Now and Next

This Morning Glory, vining its way among Lavender, compels me. Beauty and vibrancy have a way of compelling.

Questions also compel me, for the way that they vine among people. Questions give us shared domain. And beauty. And vibrancy.

Questions that invite sense-making are never out of place. What is going on? What is happening?

It’s true that some layers of attention don’t change. In the most general terms, the sun rises each day — it’s the same.

Yet nuance is what many of us are learning again. The deep nuances that live within our changing selves, and among the people with whom we work, live, play, learn, love, and lose.

At many others layers of attention, everything changes and is in perpetual becoming. The sun rising today nuances to many many layers of uniqueness.

I am a human being that wonders. That might be one of my most defining qualities. I wonder about things connected. I wonder about attentiveness. I wonder about what evolves and what emerges. In this way, every life is a rich and thick garden. Every moment with a team is invitation to learn kindness with “what is” and with “what is changing.”

It is never out of place to live curious about what is happening. It is never out of place to reclaim ability to pay attention to what is obvious, what is murky, what is simple, and what is perplexing. It’s never out of place to pay attention to paying attention.

This morning I wrote these lines, in the spirt of such wonder, from my poetic heart.

For inspiration, and for invitation with others.

What now
in this great, great journey?

What now
that is slow, steady?

What now
that is quickened, changed?

What now
in this great, great unfurling?

Perhaps, just one now.
And then another.

Perhaps the journey
knows itself to unfurl.