What Guides

I’m glad for a weekend in Southern Utah. I’m glad for images that inspire. For me, in this photo above, it’s the vista of red rock mountains, held by expansive blue skies, towering next to sweeping lava fields, that are speckled with persistent desert flowers and other vegetation — yup, that will do it.

Sometimes, we live in the spectacular. Or give our energy to the spectacular. Sometimes, for me, for many of us, the spectacular is found in the most simple. In love. In friendship. In breath. In opened heart. In lettuce wraps. In snuggle.

I often find I’m most alive when returned to the simple, to moment of breathless vista, be that the outer landscape of reaching geography, or the inner landscape of reaching heart.

I wish
the simple.

In thought.
In feeling.

The simple
that speckles
within it all.

To have that

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