From Conversation to Collaboration

I’m participating in this panel discussion this morning, part of a Thought Leaders Conference offered through Bowling Green University. It’s not too late to sign on if you have interest.

With Dave Fearon, who I’ve interacted with several times in the context of Nexus4Change. I love Dave’s wisdom gained and shared from his commitment to practices. And with Keith McCandless, who I’ve also interacted with a few times in the same context. Keith’s commitment to simple structure for the deep purpose of liberation inner and outer has alway’s compelled. The three of us intend a bit of learning, a bit of mischief, and a bit of shape for the group to interact.

Glad to be stirring such learning. I’ve learned that people generally wish to do good work. People want to collaborate toward fulfillment of everything from mandates to personal and group satisfaction. People want environments and experiences that welcome and cultivate wisdom together.

Here goes!

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