In My Nature — A New Collection of Poems

Happy to share — this small collection of poems is now available — In My Nature. It’s meant as a little pocket book, easy to carry around. It’s also meant to encourage the simple of noticing and learning from things right before us. It’s also meant to encourage a depth of life practice that is forever nuancing meaning and relationship. Big things in small things — it’s an artistry and a disciplined way of living.

An excerpt from the book…

“Nature teaches. It teaches both the inner essence that we wish to remember of ourselves, and, the outer essence that we create among humans nearby. Nature teaches and reminds us of our inherent integration with all of life. Nature points us to wonder of things big and small. It invites deep living. It invites departures from, and lettings go. It invites us to remember ourselves whole through what often the most simple of experiences and encounters.”

The Table of Contents looks like this…

Thank you for purchases, shares, gifts forward. It’s $10 USD on Amazon.

Thank you for reflections back, whether read at a coffee shop, on a park bench, or at a desk with a breath between busy things of the day.

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