Surround Yourself (Thx Topher Kearby; Thx Kathy Jourdain)

I appreciate the simplicity of this invocation. Topher Kearby is an Indiana, USA-based artist. I enjoyed perusing his site. Thx to my friend Kathy who posted this piece recently in one of her social media feeds.

I relate to being a person that appreciates the company of others in seeing magic and wonder. I appreciate the company of others witnessing beauty and invoking it in the most ordinary of things.

Beauty in the day. Beauty in learning. Beauty in working and growing with a team. Beauty in writing. Beauty in doing the dishes. Beauty in a flickering candle. Beauty in reconnecting with old friends. Beauty in a shared meal.

It is an associative skill, to pivot to questions for engaging from materials like these. It’s a skill that I find reaches to a deeper humanity and to imaginative sense-making.

From the above,

Where are you seeing magic in your life?
Tell a story of a time when you recently experienced wonder.
What makes your life beautiful?

The simplest of invitations can so often point to the needed medicine that good listening and sharing can create.

Speaking of such…, I’m offering a workshop on October 26th that touches these skills. I hope, in the most simple, yet elegant of ways.

Using Poetry to Create Potent Questions For Groups.
It’s for people everywhere wishing to participate and create magic.
It’s for people everywhere wishing to create and contribute beauty of humans connecting.

Its for people wishing to grow themselves in the art of asking life-giving questions.

Please sign on as inspired. And to bring inspiration. And to surround with others.

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