Changing How People Experience the World

P1110481Six of our seven-person team huddled for a phone call last week. We were the hosting team for an Art of Participative Leadership event at Ferry Beach, near Saco, Maine, earlier in April. Bob Stilger, Zizi Vlaun, Rachel Lyn Rumson, Lisa Fernandes, Katey Branch, and myself (and Jerry Nagel unable to join for that call). This was our followup, two weeks following the event. It was mostly for us to reconnect, but also to support each other in a scale of work that has been added to, locally, in the region.

Bob framed it nicely, four questions that are important to this group and to many others that I’ve worked with. These are questions that continue to get attention.

  • What is the minimum rhythm to keep the crackle alive?
  • Who else needs to come?
  • What is the system for reconvening that is the most simple?
  • How can we make our learning visible to the larger community and network?

There were several levels of harvest from this group:

I loved the reflections from our team in this call. They were offered in the spirit of reflecting on what stuck for each of us from the event.

  • “Visibility of my tribe, of my people.”
  • “Changing how people experience the world.”
  • “I can’t take on all that I feel excited about!”
  • “My language has broadened.”
  • “We are dancing lightly.”
  • “We are hungry humans — hungry for more real relationship around the things that we care about.”

Thank you team and all participants. In this particular event it was about creating an earth-friendly future together. I think we are changing the way that we and others experience the world.

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