Balanced on the Edge — Dialogue Poem

A few words from participants in a reflection circle with Transition US and Resiliency Community activists at an Art of Hosting in Saco, Maine, April 11-13, 2014. Really fantastic people responding to a question from Bob Stilger, “What have you heard in these 24 hours together?”

What did you hear?
In the far, in the near,
the essence in twenty-four hours?

Better together says we and Jack Johnson.
Men, women, sharing time, sharing rhyme.

Stories, world view, one and two.
To be heard. In such a short time.
Oh my!

Deep dive, deep thrive.
In just twenty-four hours I feel the kindred spirits.
Hear it? Hear it?

Cheer it, this collegiality.
Trackin’ back to the edge of the forest,
to the edge of magic.
Yes, you said that!
Imagine that!

Serenity, unconfined, vulnerable.
Thanks a lot.
No, really, thanks a lot!

When the soil is healthy
transition occurs,
the foundation of soil isn’t a blur.

Bridging worlds,
curled together,
inner worlds of shared balance,
the vibe of I and we.

We are not alone,
the tone,
the wave,
the rave,
from the cave come these provocative questions.

No solutions?
No problem
in the depth there is awesome liquid,
a primordial leading to the adjacent possible.

Just look. 
Just look.
Just look.

We have it.

not a shirk.

In this form, 
I share; we share.

What is it from in us, 
already in us,
that heals?

Human group is our nature.
What if, what if?

Just look. 
Just look.
Just look.

We have it.


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