Willing Not to Know

I’ve referenced Glen Lauder several times on this site. He is, among other things, a friend and colleague in New Zealand who can’t help but get to the core of things. He is one of the best I know in working with groups.

Glen offered these words below last year, which I recently shared with a group I was facilitating. I think of them as a kind of invitation to begin. They loved it. I wasn’t surprised. I post them here with Glen’s permission.

You may not get this 
Straight away 

The people who might get it straight away 
May not be here 

That might be an issue 
Because they matter 

And it might matter
That you don’t get this 

It might matter, that you Do 

The people who are not here 
Who might get this much more easily might be 



People who are not in positions of power or analysis 

People who in some way are alienated, excluded, 

Or have a different viewpoint.

Or they might be off building something.
Growing something.  
Unfolding something completely new.
They are our entrepreneurs.

You can be that, here.
You can be an Intrepreneur.

Someone who finds a better way inside where you are.

But not by being how you have been being.
Not the same.  
Not the same doing.
And not asking to have the same stuff as before.  

Not more Guidance that doesn’t work. 
Not more Process that you developed for others to follow. 
Not more policy that they have had no chance to own.   

But as an  intrepid explorer who travels with others in respectful partnership
That holds that the whole is important as well as the parts 
And that all the parts matter. 

Who is willing not to know 
To feel lost 
To admit despair 
To witness profound failure and not turn away.
Because we are facing profound failure right now, and turning away. 

Those who are willing to find this new way are turning to face that 
Turning to one another and saying
There must be a better way. 

That is 
what this is. 

Let us turn 
to that


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