Circles — From Founder Voices

First, to clarify, I know that Ann and Christina would nuance the use of the word “Founder” as it pertains to them and Circle. I’ve heard them speak many times of how circle “found them” through their efforts to improve the bodies of education that they each participated in thirty years ago — environmental education, and journal writing.

Second, I love them for their deep wisdom, gained with practice, and teaching, and inviting others in, like me, to learn, practice, and evolve this beautiful form of turning to one another.

I referenced this video in previous blog, the one with Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea talking about Circle with Healing Circles Global Co-founder, Diana Lindsay. It’s 84 minutes long. It’s the one where Christina shares, “If language were the human body, story would be the spinal chord.”

I want to bring a bit more attention to this video. These “grey hairs” as they are referenced at one point in the recording, are the foundation for circle practice that I began learning 20+ years ago.

In this video, Ann and Christina, speak some of the key aspects of The Circle Way — it’s the components wheel essences of practices, principles, host, guardian, agreements, energetics, check-ins and check-outs. You don’t get to synthesize and get to such essence and clarity without some lived life. It’s really beautiful to hear their voices again.

I’m forever grateful to these two. As mentors, colleagues, and as dear, dear friends — that have shaped so much of the work I get to do with groups, teams, communities.

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