Come, Come

Yes, a nice invitation from the 13th Century Persian Poet, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī.

The phrase that stands out to me this time is “…lover of leaving….” I suppose, because within me lives the person that has left a few times.

Sometimes, leaving with courage, to heed the irrepressible call of life unfolding. Sometimes, leaving with avoidance, to perpetuate denial of a few beckoning pains of self.

I’m glad for Rumi’s voice of come, come. To soften my heart into self, and into a band of fellow travelers finding way, in this life of living.

2 Replies to “Come, Come”

  1. Come, yet again, come, come.

    I need this on a morning after a time of realization … and guilt … of too much time striving on my own, not trusting community, not trusting myself.

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