Cuppa — Good Humaning

This is good stuff. Period.

I’ve been able to participate twice in the last month. Cuppa. At a small coffee shop and social house, Landlocked, in Cincinnati. It’s a communal conversational thing over a cup of coffee. Happens every Wednesday morning. About 12 or so gather. It connects people through an invitation to share story. It serves a fundamental need to be listened into greater presence. That’s what I’ve experienced.

It’s Joey. It’s Brad. It’s other good humans at the table, in groups of 3-4. Good folks, as they say. I would suggest made good(er) by the ever simple container of a prompt, a four letter word, and an invitation to reflect. After hearing stories, a simple round of gifts received. Delicious. Like the coffee.

There is template in this for me. Simple essence of connection that weave us humans into a momentary more noticeable and undeniable unseparatedness together. There is health in that. It so much more that just the cup of coffee. It always is.

I’m grateful to be with people who touch lightly to be touched deeply.

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  1. Oh yes! This is our Circle Way Cheryl Principi’s way of collecting community in Florida. I am encouraged by this. I want this. I will start this in my small Kentucky town. Please suggest some prompts. Thank you for this daily blessing of your blog to start my day already in community.

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