Dance In The Summer Wind

This time of year, these daisies are in full bloom in my front yard flower bed. In Utah, nestled at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains.

Quite simply, I love these daisies for their abundance and beauty.

They feel like a very giving kind of flower.

They show up like a full neighborhood wanting to help at a community garden project. Not just one, but a full bunch.

They show up from being trimmed back to short greens each fall, and grow to two feet tall.

They seem to enjoy dancing in the summer wind.

May not learn everything I need to know about myself through daisies, but there is quite a bit. Desire for full bloom in myself and in others. Desire for abundance and beauty. Desire to give and receive. Desire for connection and community. Desire for resilience.

And to dance in the hot summer winds.

I can find all of this in me.

I’m grateful.

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