Movement With Life, Through Circle

I’ve long been a person that searches for essence. The clear center. The clear note. Simplicity that doesn’t need much around it. It stands on it’s own.

I got some of this last week through a friend and colleague, Jennifer Girard, who had been a participant in the Online Class for The Circle Way that Amanda Fenton and I offered earlier this year.

With permission, I share Jennifer’s words here. They speak to an essence of story, connection in circle, movement with life.

Often I  have experiences that feel like my own private experiences.  Uplifting, enriching or upsetting or whatever. I perceive them as “my story”.  I perceive them in isolation from the movement of Life itself.  When we get together in circle, I am often amazed to see where “my story” intersects with others. 


As I start to see the similar threads that weave from “my story” into the Great Story, my sense of isolation or uniqueness dissolves into a kind of wonder. 


It’s hard to plan out where those threads will be.  When will be the moment that I dissolve into the mystery? It seems like a breath-taking accident each time.  Gathering in this particular way seems to make me “accident-prone” – in the best way possible! 

Thanks Jennifer.

What she says capture so much of what I experience and observe in the container that is circle.

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