The Art of Hosting — Bowen Island


As Chris Corrigan shares, this is an annual event since 2004. Bowen Island is a home among homes for me. Because of the friends there, particularly Chris and Caitlin. Because of the experience. I learn there. I grow there. I laugh there. I breath a bit more deeply. I have memories planted there.

This video, 12 minutes in length, tells a bit of a story about what happens there. Scott Macklin, a participant at the 2017 version of this is the videographer — oh I love these skills to put story into film. It’s fun to see.

I also love the language and story that each of us as cohosts — Chris Corrigan, Caitlin Frost, Amanda Fenton, me, and Teresa Posakony (not featured in this film, but has been part of the Bowen story over the years) — were able to share, and these reflections from participants.

For those of you curious, please watch. Or come sign up for The Art of Hosting Bowen Island, November 2018.

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