December Newsletter and Resources Are Here

Greetings All.

Grateful for many layers of connection. And learning. And experimenting. This year. And over the years.

My December newsletter is here. This one marks five years of quarterly newsletters to highlight a few insights and invitations. Thanks for perusing. And sharing. And signing on (a couple of online workshops in January).

I’m grateful for many dear colleagues and friends who insist grace. And peace. And going well together with groups. And fun. And depth. And richness. And clarity.

It is art. It is heart. It is skill in the granular. It is unwavering eye for the bigger picture. It is plans. It is serendipity. This hosting life. This life hosting.

Excited about what comes next year. In work and in life. Some bigger programs coming — the kind that have needed some gestation. And some continued regular flow of learning, teaching, hosting, coaching, writing.

Thank you to all — for our entanglements of 2023.

Life flows. I’m glad to feel it. And to wonder it to being together in 2024.

With heart. With appreciation.

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