Let Your Heart Be Light

Let your heart be light.


December musing.

The above image is a Christmas card sent to me by my New York based daughter and son in law. Last year. One that I’ve kept and now sits on a corner cabinet in my office. In shared home and abode with the sweetheart that has come into my life.

Let your heart be light.

Sent as Christmas cheer. But also, a pretty good guide for yearly living.

Let your heart be light — there’s the jovial part of that. A celebration.

Let your heart be light — there’s also the serious part of that. A commitment.

Be light. Let light shine. Celebrate light. Know light within. Know it and welcome it with others.

Heart. Hearts are heavy. Yes. They should be. Hearts are also light. Yes. That too. It’s a practice. Light guides.

What journey it is. Let light abode. Let your heart be sweet.


Let you heart be light.

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