Deep Invitation

I had one of those nights that wasn’t all sleep. The sleep was good, when I slept. And about 4:00 I woke with lots of ideas and dreams coming to call on me.

It’s regular practice for me to journal. To catch some of those ideas and dreams. And over the last five years, the form of that journalling has become quite prosed. Truth is, it just helps me to see it better. Not that different than the seeing better that many of us find in images. Or pause. Or sound. Or…

For inspiration.

This is a time 
when I’m called 
to live more deeply 
into the values that I so espouse for and with others.

A season,
of courageous listening and practice,
of aspirations and clarity that lift
life and love.

It’s not too surprising 
that I, or anyone seeking to live alive and awake,
would feel such times of change and challenge.

Kindness seeks kindness.
Consciousness organizes with consciousness.
Mystery wants to play with mystery.

Perhaps Life is working me and us,
or playing me and us, 
or inviting me and us.

Or just doing what Life does,  
what it can’t not do,
like the sun does what the sun does,
and like the river does what the river does.

What a delightful miracle
to feel aliveness,
alone and with others,
in this continued unfolding
of deep invitation.

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