Last week I walked through the grounds of a venue that I’ll be using for a workshop and retreat that centers on The Circle Way. The workshop and retreat will be November 2019. It will be in Cincinnati. I’ll be cohosting with my colleague and friend, Quanita Roberson.

On the grounds, located within an urban area, exists this retreat center. It struck me as having a nice mix of tended — there is deliberateness in the way the grounds and facilities are tended — and of a slight wildness and not performedness. I like it when places feel real for real people. Not perfectly polished.

These flowers caught my attention. It was slightly breezy that day. The weight of the flowers with the wind caused the branch to dance ever so slightly. Enough for me to stop and take this picture. I wanted to dwell.

I continue to learn about the dwelling that is both inner and outer. There are rooms within us that are meant to be paused in. That are meant to be waited in. That are meant to be resolved in a timing more than minutes rushed in a day. There are moments together, increasingly, like what happens when in circle, that we are meant to be as a group. Prolonged. Tended, yet with a bit of wild.

All of this gave rise to this poem below. Because something in me longs to dwell more. Just like I did with these dancing flowers. Last week.


There are many rooms
in this dwelling.

There is sun here.
There is a balcony
with lots of plants and flowers,
and even a few empty pots.

There is space here
unlocked for my dwelling.

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