To The Edge

Last week I stepped into my yard to take a few pictures of flowering trees. There’s the flowering Cherry, now loaded with white blossoms and covering significant view. There’s the tulips still holding themselves steady, though the day time heat is nudging them to a completed blossoming season. There’s grass greened in the unstressedness of spring.

When I was moving myself to get better pictures, mostly looking up to the skies and mountain background, I almost stepped on this snail. I was about to, but shifted my foot last second to avoid crushing it. I’m glad.

Some of the meaning for me in this pictures is about long journey. I can’t help but think about this snail — Where is it heading? Why? Does it have a destination? Is it just out for a thing?

I don’t know what this snail has before it. I enjoyed, and found friendship, for a moment, thinking of big journey. Yup, I have some of that too.

Recently, I wrote this little bit of poem, thinking of many of us that are in learning and journey.


I Continue To Learn

I continue to learn
that it is important to seek not just patterns,
but also,
what is below them.

I continue to learn
that it is important to live not just with safety,
but also,
with willingness to go to the edge.


4 Replies to “To The Edge”

  1. Hmm. I like the changed perspective of sight Tenneson. We are so used to looking up (for answers). I sense it important to sometimes look down for what is at our feet. (perhaps not even below?!)

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