Fire & Water at Hope Springs Institute

Yesterday I visited Hope Springs Institute, the physical home venue, and hearth, for what will be Fire & Water, A Leadership Journey and Rite of Passage. I often think of place as participant. Yesterday in seeing the Studio, Spirit House, Farm House, and ample grounds on which to wander — I got very excited. This is a place to hold community in well fed, well nourished, well spaced, and well convened ways. See below for a few more pictures of Hope Springs, near Peebles, Ohio.

Fire & Water starts this October. Applications begin here.

Fire & Water,

convened by Quanita Roberson and Tenneson Woolf, is a 16-month leadership cohort program that includes three 4-day residential retreats (October 2019; April 2020; November 2020 — Hope Springs Institute, Peebles, Ohio), a designated virtual learning platform, and structured ongoing coaching. It is a cohort program to cultivate wise leaders and community — not just busy leaders and commotion — through a proven participative leadership platform that relies on gaining tools and experience found in shared learning, building community, rites of passage, and applied practice.

Fire & Water,

is groundbreaking and innovative work that grows from our 25 years of experience. For Quanita and me, it comes from a growing awareness and concern that few people experience the conditions for the wisened leadership that is needed for our times. Many are so often responding to crisis. Fire & Water is an effort to grow and create more of what we know is working, but has been sorely missing in leadership development. Yes, we anticipate participants to come out better equipped with tools, and community. But further, we intend a transformative environment in which all will gain more ability to go further with skill-set and heart-set for times such as these. 


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