Stay Simple With That

There has always been something that I like about stacked wood. I suppose it is the fire-keeper in me. I suppose it is some sense of abundant preparedness. For warmth. For safety. For cooking. I suppose there is something in the simplicity. Chop wood, carry water.

There has aways been something that I like about workin with groups. I suppose it is a simplicity that underlays all of the complexity. I suppose it is a few simple values. Or a few simple truths that change how these groups are together. I suppose I seek the simplicity there also.

Thinking of all of this, I wrote this little poem last week. Seeking the simple. Like stacked wood.


Stay Simple With That

Focus on learning.
Welcome inspired learning spaces.

Focus on layers.
Welcome many to show up.

Focus on story.
Welcome questions.

Stay simple with that.

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