Energetic Nest

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One of the conversations that I most appreciate is about “essence.”

I’ve learned about myself that I work well when I know and feel a deeper why. Or when I claim a deeper why.

I’ve learned about groups that the deeper why is often unattended. Or obscured. Or sometimes even sabotaged.

In a delightful conversation yesterday with three German circle colleagues and friends, mostly about sharing stories, I invited their reflection on the essence of circle after their having hosted an online class.

I loved the responses shared by all of them. It was one of them, Michaela, in such thoughtful cadence, that named a version of what circle is beyond method and beyond steps of facilitation.

“Circle is a nest of energetic connection woven by the hearts of people in service to creation.”

That get’s to the heart of it for me. We don’t always language circle as such a thing. But I love it when we do, to invite people to the deeper why.

Sometimes circle is about improving meetings. That’s great. And sometimes — I would suggest always, just with different degrees — circle is about creating such rich and heartfelt nested connection.

With thanks to my German colleagues and friends for their learning offered and inspired.

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  1. Yes.

    “Circle is a nest of energetic connection woven by the hearts of people in service to creation.”

    Such a beautiful way of expressing what is, at its core, the deepest why.

    This inspires me and also makes me curious. I see the disruptions around me and also in myself. Craving healing, craving wholeness.

    There is also a nest of energetic connection that wants to be woven within me, connecting the various parts of me that have been both hidden and overdeveloped.

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