Old Song

Old Song is a West African saying. It is included as a poem / song in the book, The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart, in a chapter called Loving the World Anyway.

I suppose I love this poem because it points to the simple, yet the profound. It points to the carrying on with being alive, awake, noticing, and contributing. Whether in circumstance of our choice or in the wandering that is change. The poem points to sweet and enduring celebration, yet with awareness of our place under a sky of infinite stars.

For inspiration.

Old Song

Do not seek too much fame,
but do not seek obscurity.

Be proud.
But do not remind the world of your deeds.

Excel when you must,
but do not excel the world.

Many heroes are not yet born,
many have already died.

To be alive to hear this song is a victory.

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