Essential Clarity and Practice

I love this image from a few mornings ago. I was taking out the recycling, walking from step to curb. Next to curb was this section of grass and garden where spider web had caught overnight dew and watering from sprinkler system, suspending it ten centimeters or so above the ground. Ah, the ease of phone in pocket that so often works as instant camera — I’m grateful.

I think of myself as a long time student of simplicity. To notice the essence of values and principles spoken in the most simple words, that clarify purpose and sometimes guide action. There is a Zen-ness, that continues to grow in attractiveness and fruitfulness to me that I can’t seem to not follow.

In that spirit, of webs, dew, and Zen-ness, I found myself writing these words. For clarity. And for guidance.

For Clarity

Just breathe. 
It’s so much of what matters.

And then contribute kindness, 
consciousness, and flow with life itself.

It’s part of the great turning 
and restorying.

And then also
count on friends. 

We seem to find our way in companionships
that complement an essential loneness.

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