Why Creativity is Crucial to Survival in Chaotic Times — Natalie Nixon

Great article that I recently came across — thanks Nancy Eagan. It’s written by Natalie Nixon, who is among other things, author of The Creativity Leap.

There’s a lot to love in this short article.

“Plans, after all, are fiction: they do not exist. And creativity is a complex system perfectly equipped just for times like this.”

“We need more complexity to navigate complexity. I call this the chewing gum method. You know: what’s the best way to remove a was of chewing gum that you’ve just stepped into from the bottom of your shoe? More chewing gum.”

Natalie offers “four leaps” to help get to more creativity. I love simple statements like this that shape the journey. In then end, it’s really important to have some simple guides to come back to.

Leap 1: From Rationality to Ambiguity
Leap 2: From Tribes to Community
Leap 3: From Specialization to Polymath
Leap 4: From the Rule Book to the Play Book

Enjoy reading Natalie’s article, and exploring further her work.

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