Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Last week I was part of a podcast panel convened by Dr. Steve Cady of Bowling Green University. The overarching theme was on Collaborative Change. Four of us shared a few stories and offered a few encouragements to a grad student class and a few others that joined online. The overarching message that grew out of participating for me was an encouragement to commit to the extraordinary, but to know that most often, you’ll find it in the ordinary. I emphasized a layer of turning to one another sustained by a patterned habit of turning in to self.

I love it when people share of the extraordinary found in the ordinary. Nicole Frederickson offer this recently in her blog, Becoming With Wonder & Possibility. She shares words and images of her kids, her family, and her community in a regular day that can be seen for its “Ordinary Magic.”

She ends her post, “Having eyes to notice it all, and a heart to appreciate. An answered prayer of finding love amidst fear.”

Her full post is here. It calls out much to get excited about in my heart. “Ordinary Magic” as she calls it. Enjoy the read on her site.

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