Workshops Work Podcast

Quanita Roberson and I were featured on a Workshops Work podcast. Amsterdam based Myriam Hadnes is the host. I enjoy her thinking and her desire to explore the deeper purpose of things. I was glad that she welcomed us back (Quanita and I have each done individual episodes with Myriam previously).

This one is an hour in length. Myriam begins with a prompt about what facilitation can mean in times like these.

I loved the deep values that we explored together, and gave some relevance to with are out-loud imagined applications and integrations. Particularly, a key message that Quanita and I emphasize in all of our work — that the turning in to self is fundamental step for leading and guiding. I so often feel it as, “it is essential to have relationship with your interior — be that the interior of joy or the interior of worry or all the other interior states.” Quanita often says it as, “You can’t take someone where you haven’t been yourself.”

Enjoy the listen.

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