I’m grateful for new friend, Gisela Telis. I know Gisela primarily in the context of The Circle Way. She was a participant at the recent Whidbey Island Practicum. Gisela is among other things, a journalist, a documentary maker, and a community activist. I appreciated coming to know her for her thoughtfulness, keen observing eye, and inquiring disposition. Gisela’s work has been featured with Arizona Public Media.

In the film above (12 minutes), which Gisela produced, she and her colleagues feature the rise in hate crimes and structural barriers born from systemic discrimination. It’s informative. And heartfelt.

I particularly appreciated these words of “fear” spoken by one of the people interviewed.

F.E.A.R. — Forever engaging in antiquated realities.

Yah, that’s worth peeking around with, isn’t it. Whether applied to broad and stuck systemic issues, or some of the more personal and inner work of lettings go of beliefs antiquated.


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