Flourishing In The Dark

It has been many years now 
that I have been in regular morning practice 
to journal and to meditate. 

It is reflective wonder 
combined with 
stillness and breath. 

It isn’t the pages of words 
that are the most defining outcome, 
though that is significant. 

It is the clarity of mind 
integrated with belly 
that has so grown me. 

It isn’t the posture nor yoga body 
that most altars me,
though that attention is also significant.

It’s the fulfilled 
and known feeling 
of source connected.

It is now that time of year 
when it is dark in the morning.

It is 6:40 am. 
It will remain dark for another 45 minutes. 

At this time of year my journalling 
and my meditation 
so often flourish in the dark.

2 Replies to “Flourishing In The Dark”

  1. “It’s the fulfilled
    and known feeling
    of source connected.”

    source connected … yes. it’s that for me as well.

    I love the idea that I, too, can flourish in the dark.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you Saoirse. Quite a thing, isn’t it, for any of us to find our ways to nuanced source, to flow. These are things that deeply inspire me. I’m glad for you continued practice and sharing.

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