Only Now

Last night I sat with a circle of men that I both love and appreciate. Seven of us, seasoned and aged from 50 to 75. We listened to each other. We spoke thoughtfully together about what was in our hearts. Some spoke of the dire qualities of contemporary life. Wars. Manipulations. Misdirects. All of which challenge perception and clarity of heart. All of which make it helpful, and beautiful, to gather together as we were last night.

As I listened, I felt a theme arise in me that helps cohere together these stories and heart-felt expressions — “There is only now. There is only this present moment.”

The part of me that seeks an operator’s manual appreciates this kind of simplicity. The part of me that appreciates values to guide, and practices to make into habits — yes, these parts of me are very fulfilled with “There is only now. There is only this present moment.”

I wish to live with expansive mind and spirit. I know this is true for this circle of men. Informed, yes. But not hijacked with speculation overload. I wish it for myself. I wish it for the people I work and commune with. I wish to live aware of fears, particularly the kind that fester within me. But not to lead with fears. Not to be consumed with fears. I wish this for myself. I wish it for the groups in my life.

“There is only now. There is only this present moment.”

I’m grateful for the clarity formed with this circle of men. The values. The guides. The courage to stay simple. The felt vibration of that now, that moment, arisen from the hearts of love and appreciation.

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