Friendship, Connection, Robustness

It’s a simple story. Yet also, a guiding practice.

Many years ago I became intrigued by my colleague Chris Corrigan’s statement — “Friendship is the business model.” For me it remains true that 95% of the work I do starts with some quality of friendship. People come to a workshop, like what they see and feel, and inquire about doing something similar or more. I love how this works. The work comes from friendship and grows friendship.

Lately, I’ve been intrigued to add to that statement — “Connection is the operating system.” For me, it remains true that so much of what people seek is connection. Or, the wisdom they seek is found in connection. This means that I design both small and large group process to create connection. Sometimes, just to be human — “What is it that you are grateful in your work? Is there something you feel challenged by in your work? What are the most important questions for us to explore if we are to thrive in our commitments?”

And lately, lately, I’ve added a third observation and invitation — “Connection so as to create more robustness together.” It’s nice to be nice, but that’s not the primary reason for why I create connection as a facilitator. I design meetings and agendas to help a system of people be smarter together. Or wise. Or creative. Or honest. Or able to stand in the troubles together.

Simple story. That guides choices.


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