Contagious Turning to One Another?

It’s not fun to be sick. A week ago, I was. In a way that I haven’t been for what, five – ten years. First thought was food poisoning. In retrospect, I think it was a flu virus. I did my best to stay clear of people. But given that the contagiousness can often occur 24 hours prior to any felt effects, it’s pretty hard to not be a conduit for that virus life. It’s fascinating in a science way — the irrepressibleness of biology. It’s discouraging too — quarantine is rarely an option. And then there’s that killer question of “How can you know something before you know something?”

Well, I’m glad for getting through what felt like the worst of that flu. I feel the 15% remnants still — connected to the whole of it, but not the main event. I feel for those before me that were doing their best not to share. I feel for those after me, with whom I might have unknowingly become conduit.

Here’s my bridge for today — the irrepressibleness of biology that I wish to avoid when it comes to flu is a contagiousness I hope for when it comes to people becoming moved by connection in circle. Yup, I’m gonna stick with that. I’m glad to participate in many circles. Some that infect with, “Wow, there is a real intimacy and vulnerability here that I haven’t known for a long time (or ever).” Some of those circles are infected with, “Wow, we got a lot of involved work done here today in a way that felt rather simple and easy.”

In the best of ways, circle is turning to one another. It’s of course, more than moving chairs. Circle is guided by principles and practices. It’s of course, more than giving everyone a turn. Circle creates simple option for an encounter that requires more from each of us, and also, provides more for each of us. It’s of course, a course for more whole living that can infect us into a remembering and an aliveness that is impressive as the irrepressibleness of biology.

Well, these things I hope, it we’re really saying it out loud. And learning from some flu. Here’s to health for all of us.

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