Pause, Because


Each year in winter, I love this day when the snow hangs on the remnant crab apple tree near my window. Something in it stills me, when the winter weather invokes a slower pace, and perhaps another kind of noticing beauty.

I’m grateful to those of you who read and reflect on what I share. Human to Human names a tone that I’m most drawn to in my facilitation, and, well, in this life that I get to live. I enjoy offering some wonder from the wander to help individuals and groups be  imaginative, smart, kind, and curious together — in the name of what they most care about.

Wishing all a meaningful holiday season, in whatever ways you celebrate. Wishing a bit of pause in that, for all of us. And continued reflection, wonder, and companionship that invokes in ourselves, with others, and among us all — kindness, consciousness, and a flow with what feels like life itself.

Human to Human, The Blog will return December 30, 2019.


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