From the Other Side

The pictures are from gathering last week at Hope Springs Institute in Peebles, Ohio. It’s beautiful land and space tended by beautiful people. It’s beautiful to host Fire & Water with Quanita Roberson this past week. It’s beautiful to be in connection and journey.

These words below came a couple of weeks ago. They shape the journey. They shape the invitation that we will continue with new groups.

Your journey is much more
athan Fire & Water.

Your journey is life.

Fire & Water amplifies
aa particular time of life
aaawith friends,
aaawith a place,
aaawith a few memories,
aaawith a few guides
aaanot the least of which is your inner self,
aaaaor spirit.

You receive invitation to leave one self behind
aso as to make room for another self
aaathat can go about
aaaathe business of you being you.

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