Lessons Learned From The Fire

At Fire & Water, we often take on tending a fire together. For 48+ hours. It is a medicine to be in relationship with fire. It also gives us a well-tended fire to create ritual.

I love the way that fire teaches about both inner condition of being human (emotions, feelings, inspirations, fears) and about outer condition of being human in the world (being in jobs, in families, in communities).

Last week, I gained two additional teachings from fire.

The first was from an early morning shift when I was tending the fire. I came to it for the 4:00 – 6:00 am shift. It was high 30s / low 40s (F) in temperature. I’d bundled up with the jackets, gloves, and hat that I had. I was tired from a late night before and early morning tending of this fire. I laid on a bench with blanket over top of me. I new the fire was in good shape so I let myself doze off under a clear and star-filled night sky. Every now and then a log would shift in the fire as it burned. With the tiniest of movements, new flame would arise. It was fun to see.

The second was from post ritual, 12 hours later when the fire had gone out. I had a feeling that if I dug into the ash, I’d find embers that could be brought back to flame. Indeed, it was so.

Fire is an important element for me. I’ve been near campfires since I was a young boy. And in this context of supporting a deep and powerful human journey / initiation, fire teaches me even more. Slight shifts can restore and change flame. Even when seemingly out, there is possibility in fire. Just as there is in human beings seeking to live our most meaningful lives.

I’m grateful for the fire, its lessons, and its somatic guidance.

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