There are times when I find myself in deep gratitude. Gratitude as an energy. As a disposition. Gratitude as a softened heart. As a widely felt appreciation. Gratitude as an intensity. As a synced heartbeat with some sense of Flow in Life.

Today I returned from three days in Southern Utah. Yes, there are palm trees, which a friend of mine recently shared, “really say vacation.”

There was time in shorts — mid 70s F. And sandles. And a light jacket.

There was time with family — three consecutive days of contact with my son and his spouse does my heart much good.

There was time with a friend — this is our 33rd version of an annual trip that has us golfing, enjoying food, laughing a lot, and reenacting 33 years of jokes, teases, and barbs together.

I leave grateful. Blessed. Filled up very nicely with the tank that is friendship, indulgence, humor, silliness. Filled also with a sense of whole-heartedness. With wow.

All of that leaves me with gratitude. Energized. Palm treed. Loved into the next moments that will show up in the next nows.

Yup, gratitude.

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