Living Soulfully

I appreciate these words below from Michael Meade, a significant voice for people (particularly men) living with awareness.

I relate so much to the invitation to center in soulfulness and wisdom, that gets behind the details of a particular crisis, and into the heart of it.

For inspiration.

The great crises of the world do not take place outside the soul.
Collective fears and anxieties precipitate a psychological and spiritual crisis
in which we either find a greater sense of self
or else become more fearful and despairing.

Soul is most lacking in the world, yet soul awakens in the midst of conflict and crisis.

Even as everything breaks down soul knows where to reconnect to life.
Soul connects our inner nature to the renewing energy of great Nature
and soul is the true source of resiliency in each of us.

Being soulfully present in our lives settles the psyche

and helps us cope with a troubled, unsettled world.
What moves and heals and stirs the individual soul can also move and heal the world.

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