Gremlins in the Blog

Well, for the last two weeks I’ve been getting mixed reports of what subscribers are receiving from this blog via “notifications.” Some are getting it all, as before, notifications through email. Some are suddenly getting nothing, a giant mystery to me. Some are getting test messages (while a friend and a tech person at GoDaddy try to resolve issues — a changed security setting with GoDaddy seems to be behind it all). Thx for patience and grace as all of this is experimented and sorted.

My writing here is one of the key mediums through which I metabolize experience and through which I share that learning and wonder applied to self, to groups, and to circumstance.

Yah, but, Gremlins.

In the spirit of “in case you missed it” (ICYMI) here’s a list of recent posts:

2/14/23 — Ashes, Descent, Rich Life
2/13/23 — North
2/9/23 — Late Fragment (Thx Raymond Carver)
2/8/23 — Living Beautifully
2/7/23 — Delight in Wander
2/6/23 — Mindful in Conflict
2/2/23 — Men’s Group
2/1/23 — Fire
1/31/23 — A Morning Offering (Thanks John O’Donohue)
1/30/23 — Big Changes, Big Skies

If you wish to peruse, go to the Human to Human page. You can scroll down. Or use the Search Window to explore, wonder, and wander from there.

With continued appreciation for this connecting, learning, experimenting, and sharing.

Oh, and appreciation for response emails or comments (“Got it.” Or, “Haven’t been getting but now it is resolved.” Or, “Yup, got all those crazy test messages too.”)

A bow.

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