Guidance — For The Now and For The Longer View

The Swaner Preserve, a couple of views of which are shown above, is a 1,200 acre preserve near Park City, Utah, USA. I was there on the weekend and enjoyed a walk with a friend. I enjoyed the inspiration that came from the things near and now, like these standout yellow flowers in a wide field. And I enjoyed the inspiration from the longer view, across an open valley. Both the now and the longer view compel my attention, be it on walks with friends along preserves, of for the work that I convene in organizations. Both bring a ripeness of appreciation to me. Both guide.

I’ve been appreciating some particular guidance lately from a friend and colleague, Lawrence Kampf. Lawrence convened a small group of us over a three month period to explore and learn “Fieldwork,” which for me is some of the deepest work I know and that is needed to bring deeper dives of awareness and practice in all sectors of life and work.

Lawrence themed six sessions of inquiry — Grounding, Container, Initiation, Transformation, Allies, and Leadership. I enjoyed both the direct shares from Lawrence, his way of sensing and intuiting. I enjoyed interaction with others in the small group, joining to a field of learning. I enjoyed what cooked in me, as is always the case, when open to non-linear experiences of discovering.

I got a few gems that I found myself reflecting back to the group, which I share below. A bow for some just right learning in the yellow-flowered now and the long valley view that I love to invite when working with groups and teams.

This series on “fields” touches the core of something that matters to me. It feels like it touches the core of fruitful learning and remembering.

Grounding — yes to the breath. One of my mentors spoke it this way last week. “I am my breath.” He is one of the most grounded people that I know.

Container — yes to formats to engage one another, and well beyond the limitation that is words, yet that also celebrates words. Container for field, for Life living us — that hits the spot.

Initiation — this is the big one here for me. To energetically cohere to the reality of fields requires some departures, ordeals, and returns.

Transformation — from one life form to another, I so appreciate the meta story for the way it feels in my belly, heart, elbows, brain, and base of my spine.

Allies — I know that field work isn’t meant to be done alone. I have the feeling that fields, even momentarily cohered, bring new reality into reach.

Leadership — I appreciate people who can language the invitation to see, do, be, feel in the forgotten ways. My brain loves this. But my Tenneson Being / Being Tenneson loves and needs this remembering.

So, a bow of thanks for the stirrings over these last months.

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