Landscapes to Inspire

It was the most simple of experiences last night with a dear friend, some of it glimpsed in this image above.

That’s Timpanogos, a mountain within the Wasatch Range near where I live. It rises impressively to over 12,000 feet. The snow remaining this year is also impressive after an abundant snow year and a fortuitous slow melt.

That’s Oquirrh Lake, a wetlands also near. Its birdlife is abundant, and so vibrantly experienced last night. Yellow-Headed Blackbirds. Barn Swallows. Wood Ducks. Canada Geese. Coots. It was a lot of celebrating the song of new, young birds.

That’s a pedestrian bridge that connects mainland to island near Oquirrh Lake. Well, bridges matter, don’t they.

And that’s friendship. A sweet evening with a friend being moved by the experience right before us.

In the living that I love that deliberately associates images with things important and longed for, there is much in this image that brings life. The long horizon. The elevation. The flow. The quiet of kayak. The friendship that inspires. The bridge of one world to another. The birds young and new learning life. The brilliance of a blue sky.

Yup, lots to inspire and follow in this living of life and in this Life living of us that has a way of connecting it all.

A bow.

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