Happy Kale

Any symbol can be used by the slightest cognitively oriented, to create more access to the interior that projects an exterior, the inner subjective world that projects an outer subjective reality (though mostly presumed to be objective). Symbols and experiences give us access to longings and yearnings, to challenges and excitements.

It doesn’t have to be sets of symbols, though I have a few specific sets that I like to use lately. Carolyn Myss’ Archetype Cards is one set. I also love the photos / questions  I have from Carla Kimball, Revealed Presence. Or, I love inviting people to pick a book from my shelves, just by the title, and then have them talk about why they chose that book, or why it chose them, and what does that have to do with who they are now. It’s a game that is easy to start and can go on all night in richly fulfilling ways.

Last night with a friend for dinner, we sat on her deck, overlooking some of Utah’s forest and mountain slopes up Provo Canyon. The weather has cooled as it does in later August. No longer are the daytime lows in the 70s with highs, slightly punishing, in the 90s. Now we are in the lows of the 50s and highs in the 70s or 80s. It’s my favorite time of year in Utah, and will likely continue through late September. And, it also rained significantly last week, helping to ease summer burning forest fires. It’s just an easier time for many plants, these cooler days.

The above photo is my kale in the front, with a lot of swiss chard growing behind it. There’s a smattering of romaine lettuce in the midst of it all. The pot to the right is basil, spontaneously gifted to me by my friend last night. And a few weeds too – gardening is ongoing isn’t it. With a bit of toast, tomato, and cheese, that basil will be well loved! The kale and swiss chard make for great smoothies!

My friend commented — I think these plants are very happy. I was happy to follow that prompt. One, the plants look full, like much life is coursing through them. These aren’t struggling plants. Are they happy? Well, that’s the very human projection part, isn’t it. Plants might just be, living as they live, doing what plants do. I don’t need to know that. But, loving symbols as I do, and the journey to my interior, I was delighted to notice how I celebrated the kale, and the swiss chard, and the basil, because I myself want to welcome that kind of vitality in my inner being and outer worlds.

Inner projects outer. It’s long been my interest and orientation to start there. With myself. With dinner parties. With groups that are trying to create cultures of learning as leadership.

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