Home is a theme that I often find myself circling back to. In thought. In heart. In symbols. In my night time dreams like the one last night that had me back in my grandparents home that I knew as a kid. It seems I return to the theme of home about every six months or so. It seems that there is something I seek to retrieve in my awareness visits to home.

What is home? What are the many layers of home? What is the home that I find myself craving? What is it in home that I seek? What is it in home that I wish to offer? What remains the same with home? What changes? What needs to change? What do I simply wish to change? Yes, there is a lot.

Something in my psyche relates to and seeks relationship with home. For me, it’s less the walls, less the familiar bed, less the backyard trees growing over the years — but it includes all of these. For me, home is more about what is within me. More of the acceptance, whatever the changing circumstance may be. More of the coming to terms with uncertainty and not knowing. More of the inner freedom that chooses and aligns with a deeply inner intuition about what is now and what is next.

Meg Wheatley is a near 30-year friend and colleague now. We’ve seen a lot of life together. We’ve learned a lot together. This week I found myself picking up her 2012 book, So Far From Home. In the opening pages, Meg includes these words about home.

Home Is

The source of vivid memories for a place we’ve never been.
The yearning to return to a place we’ve yet to find.
The sense of true belonging.
When we know that we’ve been found.
The confidence to journey through this life.

Yes, so, this home that is return to where we’ve never been. Meg points, as she often does, to the deeply inner that is humans belonging together in connection, learning, love, and life. Meg also points to the deeply isolated and personal, the deeply rooted inner quality that changes everything in the external.

Maybe we are meant to often return to this notion of home, for the ways that it can only be found in multiple loops and return.

Here’s to “home is,” however any of us might find it, or stumble upon it in our returns, perhaps discovering that a very important part of home has always been here, within.

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