Human Making

I haven’t met Stephen Jenkinson. He is part of the Orphan Wisdom School. He is someone that two of my closest friends have now referred me to, independent of each other.

This six minute film by Ian MacKenzie is what was sent to me recently. It includes a few points that stand out to me this morning:

“Human making is all akin to learning.” This is the one that feels very familiar. I forget this sometimes. This morning was reminder.

His reference to deciding to “stop being somewhere else.” This one feels fresh and very helpful. It speaks a kind of accuracy about the angst that I often feel, and, I believe, that so many of us feel. Many of us are paying attention to what is next, or what is past, diverting attention from the way that all is present and available in the given moment.

The way to become human is to “kill the childhood.” This one is challenging. Wait, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to reclaim a childhood, right. In his language, it is about contributing to the life that is humanity, even if not to your individual life.

There is something in the tone of this movie that feels inviting.

I hope to meet this man, Stephen Jenkinson, some day.


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