Bob, Tenn, Chisty, MarcI have so enjoyed the last two days working with my friends, Bob Stilger, Christy Lee-Engle, and Marc Parnes. Together we are planning an offering for a 9 month leaning cohort that will be focused particularly on the journey of returning to wholeness.

We all know each other. Bob and I go back 15 years to early work with Berkana. I’ve known Marc and Christy for about 10 years.

What I liked most about our time these past two days is how we worked together. An easy pace. Gentle timing. Reaching into the depths of our friendship. Trusting one another’s intuition.

Friendship makes planning easier. It is not separate from planning. It is not what you stop so that you can get to the “real work.” It is the foundation of planning. It is what precedes meaningful planning. It is what enables depth of inquiry into the purpose and potential that we are planning.

I look forward to what is next. Not fatigued from the last days, but rather inspired and grateful.

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