Inner Grace — Thx Sadhguru

Sadhguru is an eastern yogi and visionary. I’ve often listened to his offerings, finding them grounding.

This passage above came in email recently, with title “Eye of the Storm.” I’m glad for encouragement, not to ignore that storm, but rather to go to learning and friendship that further ground and invite reflection.

In a CoVid way, I live in an area in which “Stay Home, Stay Safe” is being implemented. There are days when this feels like such relief. Because so much is slowing. There are also days when the math of infection rates, wrapped in such communal fears, is too much to work with.

Cultivating “inner” for any of us, I’d suggest, is rather monumental. Cultivating “inner” for any of us collectively, I’d suggest, is the deep work and opportunity of these times.

Here’s to inner grace in any of us willing to lean in to what is real, and what wants to come forward.



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