Invitation to Flow

I recently participated in a Zoom call hosted by Toke Moeller and Monica Nissen. The purpose was connection and information — for people that might participate in one of their upcoming Flow Game Host Trainings, a training that I was a participant in 13 years ago.

For me, I loved returning to the energy of purpose and intent with Flow Game. I loved hearing it from Monica and Toke, part of the founding group that created the game.

  • To support consciousness in general and conscious decision-making as human beings individually and collectively living in this time
  • To practice both “going with flow” and “being flow”
  • To encourage wisdom, not just fast opionons
  • To remember that “what we practice we become”
  • To dance honorably between what we do and what we be

And then there are these things that I have learned as practitioner over the years.

  • that flow brings a visibility of Life itself
  • that flow creates naturalness and serendipity of people in connection
  • that flow brings inspiration and integration
  • that flow births ease of connection with self, each other, and with circumstance
  • that flow reminds us we are nature (thx Quanita)
  • that flow restores an intimacy with Life itself

Merging two summary phrases from Monica and Toke, I find a very powerful invitation. “Flow Game is a precious friend helping to clarify who we are and what we stand for, both individually and in company with others.”

Yes, this invitation to flow is one of the most compelling and fulfilling invitations I have known in this life. It centers all of my work with groups, teams, and my day-to-day living.

If you wish to explore being hosted in a flow game, please reach back. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

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    1. Hi Diana. The path to become a host is described here — have a look — The path to playing is as simple as connecting with a host listed on the same page. Me, I’m using Flow Game a lot. My work partner and I are both trained and host together also. I have much interest in connections with friends in simple blocks to bring connection and learning. Please reach me by email if you wish this. We can explore a simple gathering online.

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