On Carrying Weight

I’ve found much inspiration over the last five years through Stephen Jenkinson. In books, “Come of Age” and “Die Wise” have been important to me. And through several podcasts and videos — google away!

What I appreciate about his voice and contribution is that which points to depth of being. There is an encouragement I find in his words to stay with the silence, to stay with the stillness, and to stay with the sorrows — they all have things to teach.

From one of those audio recordings, Jenkinson shares, “As soon as you demonstrate capacity to carry weight, you get weighted down.”


There is something, isn’t there, about capacity that any of us hold. Busy people often get more done. People who have worked their relationship with sorrow are often brought to people in sorrow. People initiated are often called to elder.

For me, there will forever remain mystery in the midst of all of that. But what will also always center such living is capacity to hold a rim, and guide when called, to finding what is meaningful in this contemporary and unfolding existence called life.

I’m grateful for teachers. I’m grateful for guides. I’m grateful for students. I’m grateful for containers of deep connection and learning that bring Life vibrantly to awareness. I’m grateful for those that have truth-told the carrying that happens.

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