Invite Beauty — Within & Among

Today I’m headed to San Diego, California. It’s at the invitation from a colleague and friend who is based in the faith community world. She’s a person seeking to do good, seeking to bring out beauty in her congregation. I would say it is bringing out beauty within and among.

I’ll do this work with my companion and colleague, Quanita Roberson. I love the way that Quanita is so grounded in the PURPOSE of such gatherings (not just the “purpose”). That and the POSSIBILITY (not just the “possibility”). Again, bringing out beauty. Invoking beauty as a central operating principle and value.

The photos above are recent from where I live. Each taken with my handy phone. Each with a flavor for me of “can’t not take it.” The beauty of it was stunning to me. Be it for the narrow window before melting of overnight snow on trees. Or be it for the unique pattern created in the parking lot of a car arriving and then departing. Or be it the sun shining on basic rainbow tools of my trade, post-it notes.

I quite like working with faith community people. They so often start with an eye and heart for beauty. And I quite like deepening that starting place. To animate within and among a “can’t not” sense of following and creating beauty.

Here we go.

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  1. “can’t not read” your heartful renderings.



    beautiful soulful

    be well in your travels.

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