To Notice Well

In working with groups and in coaching, when I search for the core of what I invite others (and myself) to experience, I often land on the simple act of noticing. Be good noticers.

It’s everything from a dimly lit intuitive observation to three notes of scribbled next step hunches. It’s everything from having the courage to be still, to fulfilling the five most important commitments of the day.

Noticing, be that intuition, or becoming astute witness to life emerging, is such a core competency needed as a human being living life among rather complexly nuanced contemporary life.

So, here’s to noticing.

It still surprises me,
these days and circumstances when

despair returns amplified.
When fear confronts and affronts. 
When “not enough” drunkenly abuses.

What to do?

First, note how little dog
voluntarily settles on my lap, and then

put the kettle on for tea.
And then light a candle for grounding.
And then breathe.

Be satisfied with small steps and few words.

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